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Folie Technique Custom 3D Printed Headphones Project 0

Students attending summer camp at Polytechnique Montréal took part in an engineering program where they designed custom headphones, and we 3D printed them.


The Program

As part of an initiative to garner interest in the sciences among younger individuals, Polytechnique Montréal organizes a summer camp for ages 7-17 called Folie Technique. At the summer camp, attendees take part in multiple interactive projects which teach them technical skills and help them visualize various scientific concepts.


This program was created in 1991, and has been giving students scientific and technical skills since then. Last year nearly 1400 students attended the summer camp!


The Project

This particular project was part of a series of workshops on mechanical engineering. Starting by teaching students to make and understand technical drawings and 3D models, the students then make technical drawings of their custom headphone designs using a CAD (computer-aided design system).


From there we receive the files and print the students' headphones (only the exterior earpiece, not the headband) in their desired colors. Using PLA, we created more headphones than we can count, and the students seem very happy with their new functional headphones, as you can see!


Happy Students with their Headphones


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