McGill Robotics Design Contest: 3D Printed Robot


Members of the Mac Robotics Club came to MatterThings with an amazing project: To create a robot using mostly 3D printed parts for the ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition.


The Mac Robotics Club

The Mac Robotics Club consists of students from the Macdonald Campus of McGill University who have a passion for coding, electronics, mechanical sciences, engineering and computer modeling. The club teaches its members to create robotic systems that solve engineering, scientific and mathematical problems using the previously mentioned passions.


Members Ryan Knight, Amanda Boatswain Jacques, Roberto Buelvas and Nicolas Buxbaum make up the team that took part in the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Student Design Competition, where they entered their 3D printed three-robot system.


Mac Robotics Team Members

Above you can see the members of the Mac Robotics team that took part in the competition.


The ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Student Design Competition (abbreviated ASABE), is a competition that is held annually where teams compete to create functional robotic systems which solve real-world agricultural problems.

To quote Amanda Botswain Jaqcues, "this activity gathers teams of university students from the United States, Canada, and most recently China, that will all compete".

This year's competition was focused on "developing a fully autonomous system simulating the pruning process of raspberry primocanes and floricanes". Essentially, that means developing an automated system to prune (to trim away old or overgrown branches) raspberry plants (also known as canes).


The Project

The team's project consisted of a three robot system, all of which used 3D printed parts, which of course, we 3d printed for them.


3D Printed Three-Robot System

Pictured above: Mac Robotics Team's three-robot system.


Amanda praised our service, going as far as to say "during the stressful time before the competition, they provided great assistance and even worked after hours to make sure our parts would be completed on time and with no defects".

The team's robot system scored 3rd place among 13 teams! 

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MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing

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