3D Printed Concordia University Co-op Award Trophies


MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing, prints trophies in 3D for Concordia University's Co-op Awards of Recognition.

What is the Co-op Awards of Recognition?

The Co-op Awards of Recognition is a soiree event related to the 'Institute For Co-operative Education' program at Concordia University. This program is a student focused program which allows students studying various subjects to learn while in the workplace, within various companies who partner with Concordia. At this soiree event; students, employers, and school faculty are all in attendance. Students who are nominated for awards are then presented with their respective awards throughout the event. 


Concordia Co-op Awards Header - En-tête Concours Concordia Co-op

The awards on display at the Co-op Awards of Recognition.


Concordia Co-op MatterThings Owners - Concordia Co-op Propriétaires de MatterThings Concordia Co-op Awards MatterThings Booth - Prix de Concordia Co-op Kiosque de MatterThings

Pictured above, MatterThings Inc. proudly attends the awards ceremony.


What About The Actual Awards?

Each award has a corresponding trophy, all of which were designed by the wonderfully talented Cesar Rezer, an experienced university graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. The models were then brought to MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing, who printed 11 trophies. Each trophy took approximately 13 hours to be fully printed, using a combination of PLA bio-plastic, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. Let's have a look at these beautiful works of art.


The Growth - Student's Choice Award

3D Printed Trophy The Growth - Trophée Imprimé end 3D Croissance

This piece is the model used for the student's choice award. The piece represents the achievements in life which take time to accomplish.


Outstanding - Student of The Year Award

3D Printed Trophy Outstanding - Trophée Imprimé end 3D Excellence

This bold piece is the student of the year trophy. The jaggedness of the base represents the path taken to get to where one would be today. The top of the trophy stands out on the top of the jagged base, as the product of the path taken.


Innersection - Employer's Choice Award

3D Printed Trophy Innersection - Trophée Imprimé end 3D Innersection

Yes, that's right, there is also an employer's choice award, and this is the model used for it's trophy. The symmetry of the piece, as well as the two individual parts intertwining on the upper half of the piece represents cooperation as the foundation of a stable society.


Individuality - Co-ops Choice Award

3D Printed Trophy Individuality - Trophée Imprimé end 3D Individualité

This is the co-ops choice award's model. The sphere at the tip of the piece represents an individual, and the trail it leaves behind it represents that individual's contributions and growth.


Concordia Co-op Awards Footer


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