3D Printed Rocket Payload for the McGill Rocket Team


MatterThings 3D printed the payload for the McGill Rocket Team's rocket for their upcoming competition.  

McGill Rocket Team and Their Payload - L'équipe de fusillade de McGill et leur charge utile

McGill Rocket Team is an engineering team that includes more than 70 students representing four faculties at McGill: engineering, science, arts and management. The team enables students to study, design and build rockets while being truly dedicated to fostering an empowered, well-connected community that promotes interest in astronautics through competition and emphasizes a positive dynamic, strong work ethic and a passion for advancing the future of humanity.

Their project this year is to design and build a 10 ft. rocket to reach an altitude of 10,000 ft. above ground level, carrying a scientific payload. The payload is a solar powered glider that will be deployed from the rocket at apogee and start collecting data on its descent.

3D Printed McGill Rocket Payload - Cartable utile à la fusée imprimée 3D

MatterThings McGill Rocket Payload - MatterThings McGill Cartable utile

Although the McGill Rocket Team has been together for just one year, they have already completed the designs and are now in the construction phase of the rocket. The goal is to complete the rocket in time in order to represent McGill at the Experimental Sounding Rockets Association’ annual Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition this June in Utah. This prestigious competition features university teams from around the world including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, India, and Turkey; and the McGill Rocket Team plans to soar above the competition with their entry.

McGill Rocket Team Students - Équipe de Fusillade des Étudiants de McGill

McGill Rocket Team Infographic - Infographique de l'Équipe de Fusillade de McGill

Rocket Payload and Bulk Mass - Charge utile et masse en vrac

Payload & Bulk Mass:
Payload: Solar powdered glider - collect atmospheric data: body was 3D printed using PLA plastic (4 in diameter; 6.5 in height)

Bulk Mass: Made of lead (Density: 0.41lb/in3); mass to make up payload mass required by competition. Volume: 14.63 in3.

Rocket Static Test #1:
McGill Rocket Team conducted a successful static test for Peregrine MU - 01 before launch at the international Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) 2015.

Rocket Tender Descender Test #1:
McGill Rocket Team conducted a successful main parachute deployment mechanism using a tender descender prior to launch at the international Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) 2015.


The McGill Rocket Team presents you with their IREC 2015 competition highlight video. Peregrine MU-01 reached 12,650 ft. AGL with supersonic speed. Congratulations to all the teams for yet another amazing year of rocket science, launches, explosions but mostly learning.



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